Lynx Armizare

Lynx Armizare - Sword Play Kamloops

The Story of Lynx Armizare

Sometime around the year 1409 a knight, diplomat and fencing master by the name of Fiore Furlano de’i Liberi de Cividale d’Austria (Fiore de’i Liberi for short) created a work that was the culmination of a lifetime of martial practice and experience. Fiore trained knights and nobles in both unarmed fighting and the art of weapons known as Armizare. He fought several duels with sharp and deadly longswords and his students fought many more. His book, The Flower of Battle, details a rich and complex system of Martial Arts that includes heavy focus on both grappling and the two handed Longsword. Thanks to many fine scholars and translators we have access to the works of Fiore today.

These days sword fights in earnest are rare. Historical European Martial Arts, or HEMA as it is known as, is alive and well. Practitioners train in systems recorded in books dating from anywhere from the fourteenth century up to the late nineteenth century in a myriad of weapons and methods. Competitive tournaments are held all around the world.  The grappling and dagger sections of HEMA hold their ground against any of the better known Asian Martial Arts.

We are Lynx Armizare. We train in the arts described by Fiore de’i Liberi and in Swordplay and other weapons.  Every class begins with a warm up then a grappling portion. From there we pick up Longswords. We also have a weekly sparring session where you get to try out the techniques learned in class.